Having the goal of solving the molding problems and marks on the surface that are connected to welding lines and sequential injection that guarantee surfaces of aesthetic quality, we suggest using the vario-cooling process.

In this process we increase the temperature of the mold surface to 180 degrees by the time of the injection and we change it very quickly using high energy and low temperatures in order to cool the part for ejection.


Nowadays the only method capable of injecting parts that are aesthetically complete and grained, allowing the maximum concealment of welding lines and effects of heating sources (not suitable for polyolefins /PP).

 1. Welding lines highly visible.

 2. Welding lines concealed by cyclical variation of mold temperature.





CAE Simulation

Applied to the Vario-Cooling system

Uniformity of the part temperature improved by using the vario-cooling method.

Cooling Channel Definitions

Mould temperature during the…

Filling stage
Packing stage
Cooling stage

Temperature of the welding line

Air traps

Flow rate

Channel pressure