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DRT MOLDES was founded in May 1994 as an outsourcing company. After 6 years DRT RAPID was created to offer solutions for prototyping tools. Focused on the customers needs and the market demands, the Group continued to grow and new companies appeared such as DRTECH to present exclusive technologies and DRT MICRO, specialized in the manufacture of high-precision injection moulds. But the Group is more than moulds and in 2001 our internal design department became an autonomous company – YOUNIK that develops integrated design and communication solutions. Also born from the IT internal department, DRT Advance was created in order to offer business intelligence solutions, promoting the adoption of concepts and benefits inherent to Industry 4.0. More recently the Group renewed the Plastic division, which will have new facilities in the beginning of 2022, as a commitment to high quality products. In 2020 the Group welcomed NOVACOAT that provides excellence in surface treatment and painting for the automotive industry.

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