Markets Served

  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Housewares
  • Building
  • Furniture
  • Industrial products
  • Electronics
  • Die casting


  • Multi component
  • Gaim
  • Stack and tandem Moulds
  • IML
  • Overmolding and insert moulding
  • Die Casting
Moulds for Plastic Products and Die Casting









Industrial Products




Die Casting


Product Design

The support of a professional Team with large experience it is a key factor on product development and its production process.

Our Team guarantees that all the project specifications and production requirements are met, improving the efficiency of the tools and reducing maintenance costs.


With the receipt of a product CAD file, picture or model we quickly process a detailed tooling quote describing the main features and detailing our proposal for materials and specifications to be used.
Native files from different CAD sources maybe received for quote.
For shorter response time to quotations we invite you to use our dedicated address


With the support and know how of our Team we develop the tool concept and we present in a short time the engineering solution for each project.

Independently of the number of tools to be produced each design shows the main features to be considered (gates, ejection, slides, water lines, inserts) so the approval can be made in detail with our customers, saving time and resources during the tools production.

Simulation / Prototyping

With access to the most recent technology and resources for rheology studies we provide whenever necessary and prior the mould construction the simulation of the filling process allowing to confirm the gates location, welding lines, need for venting, estimated warpage of the product.


Unite supplies its customers with a timing plan showing the main tasks of the tools construction allowing the systematic follow up of each project progress.


Unite selects within its list of Qualified Suppliers the most adequate source for mould building.

The knowledge of the market and suppliers allows Unite TEAM to guarantee that the necessary resources are available at the production stage meeting the project requirements and production timing.

Try Outs

Performing the tools trials is a critical task on the moulds mechanical validation.

Using similar machines to the ones running at the end user plant Unite duplicates as close as possible the pro-duction environment making sure the final moulding parameters can be duplicated during moulds exploitation reducing the set up time.

Metrology / Validation

Completing the supplying cycle of our tools Unite performs the Dimensional Validation of the samples obtained using CMM or Optical equipment.

The critical dimensions are measured and the results supplied to our customers through a Measuring Report.

Quality System

Unite is ISO 9001:2015 Certified